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OUR Services

From design through construction to maintenance, our services are designed to cover all of your needs every step of the way.


estate works

Our full project management outdoor estate works service includes everything from the design and planning phase, right through to construction and post-works maintenance.

Highways and groundworks projects

We specialise in highways and roadworks projects across the UK, partnering with local authorities and housing developers to undertake section 278 (s278) and section 38 (s38) works, as well as a range of other civil engineering projects.



You would never build a structure on questionable foundations. The same goes for a construction project, which is why the design phase is so crucial. Select the right design partner – one that has significant experience with projects similar to yours – and you’ll not only improve your chances of success, you’ll also maximise your investment.


At Highways UK, we have all the design experience, capabilities and tools your project needs to be set up for success.  


From full 3D Geometric design, 3D surveys, production and design drawings, to vehicle swept path analysis, we can take care of it all, leaving you with less to worry about. 


Partnering with us also removes the need to search for and hire an external designer, saving you both time and money.


As well as the design, we can also offer a comprehensive Quantity Surveying (QS) service to allow you to more accurately cost your project and avoid any hidden surprises further down the line. 


And what about the legal side of things? Have you considered who will take care of your obligations there? 


Part of our service can include undertaking all legal agreement preparation and negotiating with local highways officers to ensure all relevant stakeholders are engaged. This ensures your project receives sign off quicker and that every legal aspect has been covered, saving you valuable time and resources – not to mention potential headaches.


That’s why partnering with Highways UK always makes sense.



Bringing together the right professionals for your construction project can present a challenge, particularly when your project isn’t close by. So rather than take a chance, you need a partner you can rely on to successfully deliver your project regardless of its location. 


Highways UK has established professional relationships with multiple, professional contractors across the UK. By leveraging our vast network, we can undertake any site groundworks or highways work projects confidently, professionally and cost efficiently. 


Our construction service areas include: road construction, car park construction, paving, drainage, lighting, highways structures, lining and landscaping. 


Our foremen and site supervisors are highly trained and fully understand the requirements of clients and local authorities alike, resulting in better, more timely outcomes for all involved. 


Our specialist contracting partners can also undertake any contestable elements of utility diversion works. This helps many of our clients control the cost of any utility diversion and protection works projects. 


Finally, we NEVER leave a site incomplete. A scheme is not complete until the Local Authority or client has provided certification and fully signed everything off. Recovering bonds for our clients isn’t an option, it’s an imperative.



Regular maintenance of roads and other surfaces, such as pavements and car parks helps to ensure they are safe for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Such maintenance should include fixing potholes, cracks, and other surface defects, as well as maintaining proper drainage to prevent flooding and water damage.


Not only does regular maintenance prolong the life of such areas, it also creates a positive impression for visitors and can improve the overall aesthetics. Moreover, money invested in maintenance can save you in the long run as it inevitably reduces the need for more significant, costly repairs further down the line.


Highways UK currently provides services for a number of ongoing maintenance agreements across the UK. Working closely with our clients, we provide a range of services to the private and public sectors through planned, preventative and reactive maintenance contracts. 


As a result, our clients’ sites remain in the best and safest possible condition, affording them and their stakeholders total peace of mind at all times. 


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and constantly strive to improve our services, while also helping our clients realise cost and efficiency savings on all their projects.

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